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15 January, 2008
T-soft are introducing their solution within the frame of a nation-wide road-show

The Social Dialogue Centre, BFH Europe Ltd., and OFA Public Company will meet social partners from seven regions, as well as regional stakeholders connected or potentially connected to the labour market of a given region, within the frame of a nation-wide road-show.

In the course of the tour reaching seven locations T-soft is going to introduce the open communication space within which both the employers' and employees' sides may put forth their opinion.


01 August, 2007
The TÖOSZ portal has been launched

The new internet portal of the National Association of Local Authorities (TÖOSZ) has been set up. The association has more than 1700 local authorities as members.

The portal provides information for the members and other visitors as well. Beside that the association urges the members to participate actively in editing the national portal, where they have the possibility to publish their own artivles for example.

June 15, 2007
SAGA RRC - Regional resource centre in Central Sweden

The regional organisation Saga is a member of the National Network of Swedish Women's Resource Centres (NRC).

Since Saga itself co-ordinates several smaller organisations as well, they started using the community portal solution of T-soft that is also used by NRC, as well as the European-wide network of WINNET Europe. This way language barriers are not a
problem any more regarding their Internet communication, also, they can publish articles to several relevant portals within the network without having to edit the same article several times.

01 June, 2007
An interactive network of social partners

At the initiative of OFA KHT. a shared communication space has been created for social partners. The partners publish their articles and pieces of information on their own into a shared on-line magazine. Thus, on the one hand, a digital version of social communication is ensured, on the other hand, a wider circle can get acquainted with the idea of social communication, the participants and the way they see actual labour market problems.

01 February, 2007
Live national network - a dynamic network building portal

The NRC portalThe portal of the National Network of Swedish Women's Resource Centres is awaiting the partners of the organisation and other kind visitors with a renewed look, structure and brand new functions. The the help of their own pages and Web-spaces.

At present NRC is carrying out a large scale national on-line survey and evaluation programme with the help of the portal. The completed questionnaires can be accessed from the Web-spaces of the individual organisations, while the public part of the dynamically evaluated results can be found in the Network (Nätwerk) module of the portal group.

21 December, 2006
Tapolca Microregion - Tourism Portal and Attractions Inventory

The portal of the Tapolca Microregion is not only pleasing to the eye; the contents are also meant to be attractive for the on-line visitors of the microregion. The on-line newspaper, the opening page of the portal, as well as the event calendar are edited by several reporters, for example, employees of the Tourinform offices throughout the region.

The elements of the attractions inventory, that is, sights and services available in the microregion are not only listed on the portal - with the help of the integrated Google Map visitors can also locate them geographically.,

22 November, 2006
"Not like anywhere else..." - The official Tourism Portal and Attractions Inventory of Veszprém County have been launched

It is the first time that an Attractions Inventory within the field of tourism has been created in Hungary. The service advertises the tourist attractions of a certain geographical area, Veszprém County in this case, by integrating the professional characteristics of an Attractions Inventory with the advantages of the Internet. The technology facilitating the on-line service is provided by T-soft Ltd.

Each company or organisation involved in tourism has its own page on the tourism portal and within the Attractions Inventory. The novelty of the solution lies in the fact that these companies / organisations are given a marketing instrument that enables them to attract the visitors of the portal to their own pages successfully.

The marketing instrument consists of the following elements:
- Publishing special offers in the Marketplace of the portal
- Promoting programmes and events in the Programme Calendar of the portal
- Publishing PR articles in the tourist magazine of the portal

A turisztikai szereplõk az ilyen típusú információik közlésével a portál látogatóit közvetlenül vezetik saját oldalukra, és onnan akár saját honlapjukra. Presenting the aforementioned types of information the companies / organisations can lead the visitors of the portal to their own pages directly, and from there the visitors may jump to their own homepages even.

It is really "Not like anywhere else ...", even on the Internet:

8 November, 2006
"Supporting Science" award

The Academic Committee of Debrecen established the "Supporting Science" award in 1997. It is an acknowledgement of persons or organisations that contribute to the cause of science a great deal within their own range.

It is an honour that in 2006 the plaque was awarded to István Tóth, the Executive Director of T-soft Engineering Office Ltd.

Our company has been serving the Debrecen Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science under the address since June, 2003.

15 August, 2006
Regional Labour Market Information System

The new solution package was added to the portal system of the Keszthely-Hévíz small region on August 15th, 2006. The new module is the Regional Labour Market Information System (RLMIS).

As regards appearance, one of the main requirements was that the new portal should match the existing portal system from the point of view of both structure and design. Since the two portal systems are integrated, information flows freely between them.

The objectives of the solution:

- Creating an effective, on-line employment system that is accessible for anyone.
- Providing a means for communication between entrants, employees, as well as companies offering employment or training.
- Providing labour market information for entrants and other employees alike.

Since the new portal is a part of the regional portal system, it is available directly from the site