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Content in space and time

The easiest way to obtain information related to actual geographical locations is to look at a map.

- Where can I read the most up-to-date articles, where do events take place ...
- What kind of companies, organisations are located in my vicinity ...
- What kind of investment offers can be found in or near a particular settlement ...

Seeing is believing
The acronym WYSIWYG comes from an English expression: What You See Is What You Get.
This is a method for creating internet content, that we also offer to our partners.
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Latest news

T-soft are activating the participants within the frame of a nation-wide road-show organised for social partners (employers' and employees' interest groups) and other participants of the labour market...

The power of content
We have always emphasized the importance of content on the Internet.
We are putting great effort into providing an opportunity for everyone to create such contents easily.

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The results are always better if several people contribute to the task.
How is it possible to manage the work of a great number of people effectively? >>>

This is how we do it

Networking and community building are fashionable issues and they do have an important role in our society.

However, while others are only talking about it, we provide ready-to-use solutions.
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Case study

The network of Swedish women's resource centres has almost 200 members all over the country. How can it be solved to create a unified, yet attractive appearance for these centres regarding both their internal work and the picture shown to the outside world? >>> 

What is beyond the system?

Our solutions look beyond "simple" content management systems.
In our applications communities and individuals are given an accentuated role.
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