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Working as a team ...

Probably there are a number of tasks and projects in your organisation as well that require the joint work of several people. Co-ordination is not easy, especially not, if some of the team members don't know exactly

  • where the project stands, that is, what kind of documents are created,
  • which those documents are that need to be amended,
  • when the next project meeting is,
  • who to turn to with particular questions,
  • what the most recent pieces of information and developments are in connection with
  • the given task, and so on ...

Without a sufficient internal information exchange and co-ordination the project will not go smoothly ...

Is there a well-tried solution for co-ordinating teamwork?

The teamwork system offered by T-soft has proved up not only in Hungary, but in several European countries as a solution capable of managing and co-ordinating the work of different communities. Since this interface can be accessed from any place via the Internet, it assists the work of people, or groups located physically far from each other as well, without problems.

What are the functions this system offers to its users:

  • Storing shared documents
  • Shared calendars, task lists
  • Message boards
  • Contact lists
  • Instant messaging
  • etc.

The functions listed can be defined for the whole team, but at the same time, separate document directories, project calendars, contact lists, etc. can be created for certain sub-groups, or for different projects. The structure and access levels of the teamwork system is always configured in accordance with the characteristics of the given organisation.