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On-line Magazine

Appearing on the Internet is not the exclusive privilege of the biggest newspapers any more!

Any editorial team, settlement, institution, or company can have their on-line magazine.

  • The on-line magazine can be edited by one or more people; it may consist of any number of columns with any kind of contents ...
  • The on-line magazine may be edited by reporters only, but it can have an editor-in-chief as well, who determines the structure of the articles and the appearance of the magazine
  • Different types of advertisements can be placed to different parts of the on-line magazine continuously, that contribute to the sustenance of the magazine


  • Within the on-line magazine each journalist has their own page as well, where their own articles are collected automatically. This page can have its own web-address, thus it can be accessed directly.

How is editing done?

  • Editing is carried out with the help of an editor tool that is really easy to use. All it takes is an Internet connection and some basic word processing skills (e.g. MS Word).

Where can your Internet magazine appear?

  • Under an independent web-address
  • Connected to an already existing portal or homepage