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Network building through the Internet
Co-operation for individual and shared achievements

The central issue of our activities is the question of how to enable real communities organised upon a geographical and/or professional basis to appear and function on the Internet in a way that:

  • the solution models reality
  • the members of the given community or network are represented together, and at the same time individuals can stand out from the group (we do not want a faceless crowd)
  • the members of the network can co-operate with the help of different functions and tools
  • co-operation would generate some benefit (for example: greater popularity and recognition, new partnerships, successful joint applications) as regards both the community and the individuals.

We provide our partners with

  • a solution managing their internal, non-public communication and teamwork, as well as
  • a network-portal that serves for public internet appearance and marketing purposes.

Network building portals

The community portals we develop have several participants and they provide an opportunity, furthermore, are based upon the active co-operation of these participants.

The contents of the portals are created by the members of the communities, which requires only an Internet connection and some basic knowledge of working with a computer and the Internet. Network members - users - only need to learn those few steps it takes to publish information to the web with the help of our simple application.

It is our objective to promote electronic literacy and a wider, more venturesome use of the Internet through this user-friendly solution. T-soft offers these solutions as services, that is, providing an unlimited storage capacity and a continuous customer service for the editors are included in the service.