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Web 2.0 2B

Our solution is one of the applications that belong to Web 2.0. It is partly based on the users and their active web participation, as well as the connections between users. The contents of our portals are created by our users (see UGC) and basically, we serve communities.

Contents published by the users can be controlled in every case with the help of different elements of the technology, this way the quality of the pieces of information to be published can be assured.


Our solution is a special one within the concept of Web 2.0. Many of its functions are designed to render the on-line business activity of the users more effective. The Web-space functions, as well as the outstanding community pages (for example the Marketplace) serve that particular purpose. The facts that users of the solution appear on community portals within the system and there they communicate actively with the other members of the community, as well as with external entities, makes it possible for them to reach a great deal more potential partners then if they only had a homepage under their own web address that no-one is aware of.