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UGC comes from the expression User-Generated Content.

The owners and users of the portals developed by us create and update the contents of their portals on their own, through the Internet, with the help of the tools that are placed at their disposal. In the case of portals representing communities or networks, it is the whole community, that is, all the members of the community together, who generate the content (a good example for that is a community magazine).

This method of creating content has a lot of advantages:

  • It ensures the actuality of information, owing to the unlimited number of editors it contributes to the diversity of the contents
  • It promotes real networking, eliminating the barriers of co-operation
  • It makes the spread of electronic literacy possible
  • It provides an opportunity for users to appear on the Internet independently
  • Users publish their own pieces of information, for which they only need a suitable editor's licence and an Internet connection