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National network - live co-operation

The network of Swedish women's resource centres covers the whole of Sweden. The network has local organisations which belong to regional centres, and the national network is a cover organisation for all.

The network is big, geographically scattered, and diverse, as regards its activities and members. It was a real challenge to develop a network building portal for them that can demonstrate their unity, and at the same time provides an individual appearance for the organisations as well, within a clear and easy-to-use structure.

The richness of the organisation and the portal becomes apparent to us if we browse through the portal. However, a few features deserve a more detailed introduction.

NRC on-line
Similarly to our other community portals the articles of the NRC portal are written and edited by the members themselves. The objective is that up-to-date pieces of information are uploaded to the portal from all corners of the country about topics of outstanding interest to the organisation, owing to the nation-wide network.

Each member of the organisation has a Web-space within the national portal. The content structure of the Web-spaces is the same, thus the organisation ensures an even quality and a uniform appearance to visitors.

NRC networkNetwork map
The geographical co-ordinates of each and every member of the organisation are stored in our database. Therefore, it becomes possible that the members can be accessed through a map as well. It is also an important factor that owing to the map representation the distribution and density of the organisations within the country becomes visible.

On-line questionnaires
Between July 1st, 2006 and December 31st, 2007 a national on-line survey and evaluation is being carried out within the network, the objective of which is the legitimation of the organisations. Presenting the questions to almost 200 member organisations and the dynamic evaluation of the results are carried out with the help of the network portal. The questionnaires are placed on the Web-space editing interface of the members. This ensures that the members can fill in their own questionnaires only, and that they can modify the contents of the questionnaire during the survey period at any time. The public part of the aggregate results can be accessed on the portal continuously, and the detailed evaluation is available for the authorised members of the organisation. This survey and the portal application contribute a great deal to it that NRC can increase their role in Sweden and demonstrate their live and co-operating network.

All pieces of information published by the members can be placed on the map. The location of events, geographical references of articles and documents can be defined. At the same time the members are also visible on the map. The infoMAP application of the portal is based on the aforementioned features. As visitors navigate on the map the system is offering them the pieces of information that belong to the area shown on the map (the area shown can be changed with the help of the zoom and navigation functions). Take a look at it!