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If you would like to have a content management system (CMS), you can purchase it from a number of companies these days. From us, for example.

However, we can do more than that, because we see everything a bit differently, and accordingly, we are looking beyond "simple" content management.

Beyond the system we see the COMMUNITY.

In practice it means that our content management system is capable of building communities on the Internet, be them communities organised on a geographical basis (settlements, small regions, counties, regions, countries), or communities created on the basis of professionality, range of activity (companies, associations, multi-language international co-operations) ...

Community and content management within one system? Why?

In the real world it is people we think of when we hear the word 'community'. In order for the communities to run, infrastructure is needed, roads, channels, electricity, traffic and other auxiliary services, like telephone, radio, Internet, and a lot more. In case the infrasctructure and services are at their disposal, people can start building their houses and moving in.

Internet communities work the same way.

During the development work carried out in the past few years our company has created the infrastructure, even the auxiliary services. All this has been used by many of our internet citizens, some on their own and some as a part of a community.

It is clear to us and is proven by experience that there is a demand for creating Internet communities, as well as modelling and managing real, physical communities on the Internet. Consequently, we are continuously developing our solutions in order to be able to provide useful and high quality services to our present and would-be partners who wish to appear on the World Wide Web. To You, for example.